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With home entertainment for your lifestyle!

Wouldn’t you love never having to find a misplaced TV remote or not have to get out of your chair to turn off a light? There is a great deal of personal reward when you can provide enjoyable entertainment for your family and friends!  If this past two years has taught us anything, it is the value of comfort and convenience in our home living experiences. Relationships can be improved by using functional technology to enhance communication by improving interaction and collaboration.  Share and stream videos, files and memories with a quick click on your mobile phone or tablet. We offer intelligently designed audiovisual options to upgrade your home experience including:

  • Home theatres
  • Integrated sound systems
  • TV installations
  • Golf simulations
  • Outdoor TV and sound systems 
  • Low-voltage wiring connecting you with your home

Commercial Services.

Updating Your Commercial Space

We are committed to helping make your commercial space work for you. 

We offer:

  • Low voltage wiring
  • Sound systems in your commercial space
  • TVs and monitoring systems
  • Large multi display and interactive touch panels
  • Security systems and surveillance cameras
  • Boardroom presentation and teleconferencing systems
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Kiosk self-service touchscreen systems
  • Smart learning boards for educational systems

Let us help you with custom solutions to update your audiovisual systems, making your connected commercial space work more efficiently.

Give your home the complete modern touch.

With smart homes and appliance controls at your fingertips!

You have probably heard about the convenience of smart home systems. They are also safer, save time and are more effective in energy management. Our modern lifestyles mean we have more home appliances than ever. The right smart home system will allow you to add new appliances and update technology as they are available or as your needs change. A properly designed smart home system allows you to reduce your environmental impact and offers the ability to reduce costs. Imagine the convenience of managing all your home devices from one place! You can have peace of mind while travelling or at work by viewing the feed of video cameras from your mobile device. You will receive notifications and alerts immediately when a security breach is detected. By integrating a variety of Bluetooth devices such as baby monitors, home security cameras, video doorbells and thermostats, lights and smoke detectors, safety and security is enhanced and maintained.

Wondering what the kids are up to after school? Smart home technology allows you to monitor your children when you’re at work or while in a different part of your home. With the use of voice commands, you can easily turn on lights as needed or if you hear a loud noise. Have you ever had your day disrupted because you needed to be home to let someone in? With a customized smart home system, you can grant access to your home for cleaners, repair people or contractors as well as interact with tracking devices.

We can program your daily smart home routines to not only be powerful, but also be as simple or complex as your needs dictate including:

  • Changing the temperature from your wireless device
  • Operating your sound system and TVs from one device
  • Dimming your lights while never having to leaving the couch
  • Controlling your security system from your wireless device
  • Setting alerts for malfunctioning home appliances

Contact us to find out how we can help optimize the hours in your day and make you feel more safe and secure.

Epoxy floors you can eat off.

Hang out in your own luxury garage!

Considering the garage is your home’s main entry and exit point, wouldn’t you love to feel luxury the moment you arrive home and pull into your garage? Updating and remodelling your garage allows you to take your home to the next level, complete your property’s upscale appearance and increase its’ value. Let’s face it, high end vehicles deserve an organized and appealing space. Transforming your garage space can include personal lifestyle elements such as a fitness area, entertainment space or a creative workspace for your hobbies. Our inventive and creative garage designs place an emphasis on practicality. We can help you making the best of the space you have by utilizing storage and implementing organization features while looking fabulous!

We offer:

  • Car hoist for that special vehicle
  • Heavy duty cabinetry for your garage
  • TV and sound systems installations
  • Smart devices including cameras and garage door openers
  • Quality lighting
  • Durable and visually-appealing flooring
  • Professional painting and colours for your garage

Garage transformation is the hottest home improvement trend today. Let us help you customize your garage space for the ultimate expression of luxury.

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